It is September 24 and we still have not received the larder fridge we ordered at the end of August. In their last email the vendor informed me that they would arrange for another dispatch although according to them it had been shipped and stored temporarily in the wrong warehouse. Surely they didn’t mean another would be sent from Shanghai in China. What can I say? All we can do is wait a little longer and hope it finally arrives. Of course if it doesn’t…….well.

I have been getting on with the lawn project today and have completed stage three, setting in the cobbles.  

As you can see from the picture the cobbles are still covered with cement but an hour or so later I covered them with dry sand and swept away the cement. Tomorrow, Tuesday, I hope to clean them more thoroughly using water. Originally I was just going to set them in the cement and later sweep a dry mix of cement into the gaps but I changed my mind when I started the work this morning. I allowed the concrete mix to be a little sloppy which meant the cobbles ‘floated’ on the wet mix. This made levelling them far easier but using this method means the mixture oozes out between the cobbles and has to be swept away. The finished product will be much stronger when it dries and because I have used a fine concrete rather than mortar it will be even stronger. Mortar is less strong and can crack especially if it is used in pedestrian pathways. Anyway I have completed the best part of the hardest work on the project though removing the grass inside the feature will be hard work too just as it was when digging out the trench. I can now browse around the garden centre to see what plants are available for the feature. If we purchase any they will be alright left in their containers until I am ready to put them in. My next task will be to assess the quantity of pebbles we need to fill the feature’s empty spaces and place an order. Now that the cobbles are in place I can finally mow the lawn as it is beginning to look a bit unkempt.

Shirley Anne


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