Utility room project

Well on Saturday morning (6 th) having risen early as I tend to do these days I set about removing the old sink unit from its position down in the laundry room which we now call the utility room. The intent was to turn it onto the adjacent wall but having removed it I discovered it had evidence of woodworm in the cabinet frame. The frame wasn’t of a sturdy construction and consequently became damaged when I removed it. The sink and drainer was still serviceable as you can see but it is only suitable for placing on top of a cabinet. I would have to attempt a purchase or make one myself if I was to keep it. We decided to start from scratch and buy a new cabinet and sink/drainer with accessories.

As you can see from the last picture the wall where waste pipe is had not been repaired by whoever did the original work so whilst E was taking a shower and dressing I mixed some mortar and replaced the missing brick. I took all the now dismantled pieces of the old cabinet together with the sink/drainer and put them into the van. We then drove off to the waste recycling depot then on to the store to purchase the new sink and unit. Because the unit was going to be down in the cellar in the utility room we didn’t want to buy top-of-the-range items but that turned out to be difficult. We chose to buy the least expensive as best we could though nothing was really inexpensive. One thing annoyed me and that was the fact that I could only purchase a minimum three-metre length of worktop when in fact we only wanted just over one metre! I would need to spend £40 and dispose of two-thirds of it. What a waste of money! We didn’t buy it but instead bought a ready cut length of heavy duty plywood for a third of the price at £13. It is after all going to be mostly covered by the new sink and drainer. Even so we ended up spending nearly £200 just for a cabinet topped with a sink!

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