Well blow me down!

Just for a change things are going well. Having experienced problems with the previous vendor I was expecting more delays with my online order through another company. I need not have worried, it came right on time. So finally after waiting several weeks for an unfulfilled delivery the second company did not let me down. We are now in possession of our new larder fridge which arrived at noon on Wednesday 10th. I told E it was her birthday present as her birthday was on the following day! That was a joke of course for in any case I don’t celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and the exchanging of presents. It has been many years since I stopped doing those sorts of things. E is well looked after and is treated in many other ways by myself. I did take her out for a meal on the day in case you were wondering. She was as keen as I to have the new fridge as soon as possible for the extra space.  

Not yet filled as it had only just been delivered. We have to ensure the refrigerant has settled and dispersed before switching on the compressor for fear of damaging it. If liquid gets sucked into the compressor it will damage it. Just after the fridge had arrived I received a phone call from the company supplying the pebbles for the lawn project. I was again half expecting to hear that there was a problem having previously been informed it would take many weeks for them to arrive. I couldn’t have been more wrong, they were going to deliver them the following Tuesday (16 th). The pebbles were the only things left that I needed to complete the project. I will post a picture of the finished work as soon as it is done.

Shirley Anne