Dining out

It was E’s birthday on the eleventh of the month, that is last month of course. She was ** years old. Well you didn’t think I was going to reveal the number did you? As I mentioned in an earlier post we don’t exchange gifts but I usually treat her to at least a meal out at whatever venue she desires at the time. Thinking she would select a nice restaurant perhaps one we had never visited previously I asked in which direction we were to travel. I was driving because she wanted to go in the van rather than her car. Although her car gives her easier access than many other cars on the road, and that is why we purchased it but the van makes getting in and out even easier. She has to walk using supporting sticks because of her condition. Whenever we take the van she brings along her badges which give her special parking privileges so we can park in the bays closest to whichever venue she visits. So she told me to drive south a couple of miles to her chosen venue, a local carvery! I queried her choice and she told me her reasons for choosing it, she wanted especially to have some carrot and turnip mash! Such vegetable mash isn’t usually readily available in the average restaurant. It was her birthday and her choice so that’s where we went. As it happened we had one of the most enjoyable meals we’ve had together over the years. Often the simpler choices are best but what makes dining out that bit more special is the company you share it with. That’s why I like dining out with E though I have to say sometimes in the past she needed a little help to unwind. During the meal she mentioned that perhaps her mom would have liked to come with us. I asked why she hadn’t invited her. Perhaps she thought I would object but she knows me better than that. Her mom is now 91 years old and doesn’t get out much so it would have been a treat for her. Perhaps next time. She went to visit her mom shortly after we had returned home but I remained at home.

Shirley Anne