Utility plumbing

I spent almost all day on Friday (12 th) on and off working in the utility room in the cellar. The current work in there is installing the new sink and cabinet unit and the associated plumbing. My first task was to connect the sink to the hot and cold water supply pipes which I had already installed a couple of days earlier. It was a little awkward but I finally did it. After a snack around ten o’clock I continued the plumbing by installing the drains but before I could do that I had to drive to the plumbers’ merchant to purchase the pipes. Those we had purchased as part of the sink/drainer package were useless and unnecessarily involved. Even if I had wanted to use them I would still have had to purchase more accessories to connect to the house drain.

The bottle trap (white), the black pipe with elbow replaced six elements which would have been used with the ones supplied and would still not have reached the grey pipe and even be fifteen cm below it! The copper pipes on the left are the hot and cold water supplies. Naturally there were a couple of minor leaks but they were remote from the sink where I had connected to the existing pipework. They were soon rectified. Later in the afternoon I had a very difficult and awkward task of fixing the sink.drainer to the underside of the wooden worktop using the special clips provided. For that work I had to call E for assistance to hold down the sink whilst I fitted the clips. I have never seen such badly designed clips and they made what should have been an easy task into one which took far too long to do. I actually used two of my own design in a couple of places which took only seconds to fit because the others wouldn’t fit in.


I then fitted the shelf (bottom picture) but left the doors for another day. I moved the two small fridges and freezer into the cellar hallway to free up the space in readiness for the next stage as I move around the room.

Work will continue along the wall to the left. See future posts.

Shirley Anne