Not as much


I didn’t rush into working on the utility room project on Friday morning, just took a more laid-back approach. I began the work after my breakfast at five o’clock even though I was up at two. For two hours or so I concentrated upon clearing out the room, removing all the paraphernalia that had accumulated in there over the years. There were garden chairs, boxes of toys and clothes, waterproof clothing and boots, an old parasol and ground sheet for a tent. There was also a clothes basket and ironing board (actually two), three electric irons, a shopping basket (don’t ask) and a multitude of small items which needed either storing elsewhere or get dumped, oh and a fire surround. Then there was a large wall cabinet which need taking down. That would be fixed to the wall in the workshop at some point in the future. Some of it can be seen in this old photograph….

Most of the stuff I stored away in the garage or the room in the cellar we call the store room because it is filled with all sorts of things and is only used as a storeroom. After a snack and a chat with E who was having her breakfast I returned downstairs and assembled the third cabinet before giving the wall against which it will stand with the older freezer a coat of paint. It will get painted again later after the holes in it are filled. 

The cabinet can be seen in the foreground. I stopped work at that point. The following morning I hoped to paint the floor immediately in front of the wall but no other work would be possible during that day because of the paint fumes. 

Shirley Anne