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The continuing saga about the utility room project. The story has still a long way to go before we find out if indeed it was the butler who was responsible! It is the 22nd as I write this after a reasonably busy day. I had been out for my morning walk long before sunrise about four hours before in fact and the Moon was about three days short of being full. It was a beautiful morning though a little chilly in the north-westerly winds and a few clouds spoiled what was otherwise a clear sky. The daytime sky turned out to be blue all day long. I was kind of hoping to see the high tide but as usual I keep missing it. There has to be some point in the calendar when my walk coincides with the high tide else I will have to look at the charts and take my walk when I find out the hour. When I got home I didn’t do much then until after nine o’clock. I needed more plywood but if I could use the panels we have in the garage there would be enough to carry on the work. Trouble was they belonged to E’s brother though he hadn’t bothered with them for over twenty years! They measure 45 x 48 (inches) and are covered with a material. They are constructed with plywood and have a wooden frame at the rear. They were used in the photographic studio he once had located in the next town but that business closed and he stored much of his equipment at home. E phoned him and asked what he was going ro do with them. He had forgotten he had them but told her he didn’t want them and that we could use them if we wished. Great! They were perfect for my project and I got on with first of all making a plinth for one of the freezers…


The picture was taken late in the afternoon when I brought it indoors from outside where the paint had been drying for a few hours. It is the same paint as used on the floor which dries quickly in the open air. Pity it doesn’t dry as quickly inside! Anyway it needs lifting a tad on the left because the floor is uneven. It had been constructed using one of the panels. I used another panel to begin blanking off the corner space in the corner across the room…


The space behind the panel is surplus to requirements and I am not sure why it is even there. The white wall on the left stands between the sink unit and what you see in the picture. It once was a fireplace. There used to be nine of them all told I believe. You can just see that the corner steps back twice and the panel is just in front of the first step. Another panel will be used to continue to the ceiling. The top of the cabinet on the right will extend to meet the panel and the plywood is there in the picture ready to be fitted. The other work I did was to finish painting the walls with their first coat. 

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