Took a fall

…..but I got up again! I was on the third step from the bottom of the stairs and I lost my foothold, slipped and ended up on the hallway floor having mastered the art of not colliding with the hall clock.

It was three am. I blame my slippers which actually do live up to their name because the soles have worn shiny! It wasn’t that I was sleepy either as I had been up since two. It wasn’t immediate but the pain soon let me know the result. How I ended up only hurting the upper part of my right leg I’ll never know, there was nothing to fall on but the floor! The pain stayed with me all day long and caused me some discomfort when walking. I rested up after breakfast and watched some catch-up tv once more. I hadn’t planned a walk but I did want to carry on with the utility room and managed to lay the plinth on some packing to make it level and then slide the freezer onto it.

That part is finished but I have to fill in the edge at bottom left as the floor dips away just there. Next job was to paint the top of the old freezer which had been looking its age….

It was then time for a bite to eat with E. I couldn’t do much more work afterward as I had no more screws of a suitable length so I drove off to the electrical supplier and purchased cable, power outlets, plastic trunking and two boxes of screws. I still needed timber with which to box-in the overhead pipes and such but that could wait for another day.

What I did manage to do was block in the corner (above and below pics)

However, I had to drive E to her moms house because her mom had a problem with an online order and E couldn’t drive after taking some medication. Her brother brought her back home whilst I returned to finish what I had been doing. I had to return in any case as I was waiting for a delivery of my own to arrive. By bedtime my pain had eased and I was ready for some sleep.

Shirley Anne