Hot tub

I woke up this morning (24 th) feeling great and not feeling any pain from yesterday’s accident. Instead of taking a shower I chose to take a bath before going to bed. I think it was the first bath I had taken this year! The tub takes ages to fill, around thirty minutes but it is well worth the wait. I lay there for about thirty minutes letting the heat soothe the aches and pains I had and also opening the pores for a deeper cleansing, something a shower doesn’t really give. I always sleep better after a shower but even more so after a soak in the tub. I went out for my usual walk feeling no ill effects whatsoever. On my return and after eating breakfast I chose not to do any work for I knew E wanted me to take her to the doctor’s surgery then on to collect her medications. Whilst we were out we decided to go for a coffee and a cream bun and when we finally got home it was noon. I went down into the cellar and installed the mini-plastic trunking for the extra cables I will need to install to split the existing power circuit to the utility room. The circuit in there needs to be separated from the circuit it is now connected to. I also installed the trunking to cover three existing cables on the utility room ceiling. 


The trunking comes in three metre lengths and has an adhesive backing to enable it to fix directly to any dry and dust-free surface. However I had to also screw one of them to the ceiling where the surface wasn’t so good. Once I had done that I returned upstairs for lunch. I had other chores to do in the afternoon which prevented any more work on the project. An easier day for a change.

Shirley Anne