Doing is gaining

Writing in the past it is now October 25 and we are approaching Halloween, Guy Fawkes night and Christmas signs are everywhere of these up and coming events. Commercialism is pressing hard to gain our attention and most will go for it. Not I though, I see it all as nonsense and a waste of my time and money. Christmas is a special time to reflect on what Jesus did for me, not a time to be getting up to things secularist. As for spending money, well I do much of that in the projects I undertake at home! I would rather spend my cash on something of benefit to E and myself than waste it on things which satisfy for the moment and then are gone. Partying never really satisfies for long, you yearn for it again and again but nothing changes. My current project has been keeping me well occupied and is satisfying to do but more importantly it will last a lot longer than a hangover! This morning before doing the weekly shopping I installed the wiring for the extra power outlets in the utility room though it has yet to be completed. I also painted the extended worktop where I had been working lately.

The cables are now at the distribution panel and also at the position in the room to break into and separate the existing power circuit. That will be done at a more convenient time as it involves switching off other circuits. Later today I will be purchasing the timber with which to build the frames to box-in the high level pipework. Hopefully I will have enough plywood at home to complete that work.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

Happy to be alive because of Jesus