Sorry not the spectator sport though that I used to find fascinating. Since those days however my attitude to the sport has changed somewhat. I no longer want to see two individuals beating each other up in the ring. The sport is dangerous and can cause severe injury, especially brain damage. No, I am talking about boxing-in something you don’t wish to be on view for whatever reason. I live in an old Victorian house which was built in 1877 and it has seen many changes both to its exterior and interior over the years. Because it has cellar rooms (which were used by the servants at the time) many of its more recent services, central heating pipes, gas and electricity cabling were run on the surface which down there is bare brick. No consideration was given to repairing holes knocked through from one room to another or through the lath and plaster ceilings. As the years went by more circuits and pipes were added and the result is chaos and a very untidy mess. During this past year I have been working in a few rooms down there doing refurbishment and alterations, the Larder room, the Gym/boiler room and now the Utility room. In each of those rooms I have had to tidy up the services as best as I could but in the current project, the Utility room I had decided to hide away as much of the services as I could. That means boxing them in with timber and plywood. On Thursday (25 th) I had begun that work and I continued with it on Friday for a few hours.

I was feeling tired by ten-thirty after five hours at it so I packed it in for the day. I had been for a four and a half mile walk beforehand though! It appeared that I would have to purchase more plywood despite having  quite a lot in stock. The above pictures show only the one side of the room. There are more pipes and cables on the opposite wall and on the adjacent wall to it. 

Shirley Anne