Take a break

The above is the name of a weekly magazine E gets each week, though it is I who actually buys it when I get the shopping in. There is another she gets too and that is called ‘That’s life’. Their titles could describe my life as it is now, I am constantly working with all the problems that come with it but that’s life as they say. So this sunny afternoon and tomorrow, which just happens to be a Sunday, in fact the last of the month, I shall be taking a break. My first job of the day began at 5 o’clock. I was in the garage breaking down the last two of the panels we had stored for E’s brother who kindly let us have them as he didn’t want them. I was able to recover six plywood sheets measuring 48 x 45 inches and have used them on the utility room project. Later and after a meal I finished off constructing the boxing-in of the pipework and wiring on one side of the room..

The hole you see on the underside in the lower picture is where I shall be fitting an easy access panel to allow access to a water valve there.  Of course there is some filling to be done here and there before painting begins but before then I have to do the same on the opposite side of the room. Unfortunately I have only one of the plywood panels remaining and will have to purchase some to complete the work. There is still plenty of work to do in the room before it is finished and it will keep me busy for days.

Shirley Anne