Now the other side

A couple of days ago I was writing about boxing in the pipework. I had completed the one side of the room excepting for making a hinged panel for access to a valve and now (Mon. 29 th) I have begun the other side of the room. Although this side is structurally simpler it has been somewhat difficult. This morning I constructed the basic frame to cover most of the ceiling, that is up to the opened door. It will act as a door stop at that point for it has to be raised when it goes over the door.

The wood which is screwed to the wall was by far the easiest part of the work but the wood fixed to the ceiling at the front and top was a bit of a nightmare for a couple of reasons. First of all it is in five pieces due to the (white) plastic trunking, gas and water pipes crossing the ceiling at that point. Trying to get the fives sections aligned was a problem in itself but worse than that was the uneven ceiling!

See in the middle picture how the batten on the right doesn’t even touch the ceiling at one end and in the lower picture the ceiling bulges out near to the centre of the batten there. Fortunately the plywood will cover all of that but it just shows how uneven the ceilings can be down in the cellar rooms. I took a short break from the work to affix some more eye bolts on the patio walls and tied the frame to them (see yesterday’s post) . In the afternoon I cut and fitted some plywood but ran out of stock and will need to purchase some more.

Shirley Anne