Just went

In the knowledge that there would be little for me to do in the utility room I took the opportunity to have an extra hour in bed on Wednesday morning. Even so I was up at three. It was the last day of October, wet and cold outside but I wasn’t going anywhere, not immediately anyway. I was sitting with E at the breakfast table around nine o’clock though I had eaten earlier and we were discussing something about work. She knew I wouldn’t be working on the project because I needed more plywood. It was essential that the main construction work was completed before the filling in and decorating could take place so I told her I would head out and purchase some plywood. I drove to the builders’ merchant and purchased two sheets but couldn’t bring them home in my little van and tying them up on top of the roof rack would be impractical  as they measured eight feet by four (2.44 x 1.22 metres), a little too large. I paid a small sum to have them delivered. On my return home I asked E if she would like to visit the garden centre (Dobbies) and we could take advantage of the free tea and cream scones I had been offered as a birthday treat (my birthday is Nov 21). As a member I am also entitled to two free large coffees each month so we go there quite often! Of course that is the idea isn’t it? We drove there and had a pleasant time and when we came back home an hour later the plywood was standing next to the garage. Not bad service but I am a regular customer of theirs. When in Dobbies E dragged me over to the corner of the store where an independent trader sells clothing, jumpers, coats and jackets, scarves and such things as well as boots. I ended up buying two pairs of waterproof boots, a pair each, and some woolen socks too!

The boots are fur-lined and are basically Wellingtons, not really made for walking too far in but I was to give them an outing the following morning. They will be ideal for working in and around the garden when it is wet. After lunch there was no inclination from me to do any work so I didn’t!

Shirley Anne