Plodding along

Walk day Monday 5 Nov. Although I gave myself a day of complete rest on Sunday I was biting at the bit on Monday morning wanting to do something but first the walk. A lovely cool and dry morning with very little wind made the walk that more pleasurable. Back home for breakfast after which I began working in the cellar. I began by getting the cables for the power outlets in the utility room inside the distribution board and ready for connecting but leaving that aside until I had separated the circuit in the room. If you remember I mentioned that the power outlets in the room were connected to a circuit on the floor above and needed to be disconnected from it and have their own supply. Separating the two circuits was easy as it just meant re-arranging the cables in two adjacent junction boxes. You can see them in the picture below on the right-hand-sideĀ 

The single power outlet on the left in the picture by the door was part of the upstairs circuit but I removed it, connected the relevant wires together and fitted a blank plate over them (top picture below). The freezer shown plugged in was then plugged into one of the new outlets to the left out of the picture. For the next couple of hours I began filling in the gaps around the woodwork and the holes in the ceiling and walls (bottom pictures). I returned upstairs around nine-thirty for something to eat and to chat with E for a while. She was going to pay a visit to her mom and I decided to drive to the electrical supplier and purchase an LED strip light to replace the old fluorescent fitting in the utility room. I would have left installing it until the next day but installed it as soon as I returned home. It only took ten minutes.

Shirley Anne