Ah the smell of paint!

Or to be more accurate the smell of chlorinated rubber paint! Monday the twelfth (what a peculiar word twelfth is) of November and my favourite time of year because it is Autumn and cool. I wasn’t so cool earlier this morning as the sweat poured from my face and threatened to fog up my mask. Remember my mask? Here’s a reminder…

Yes it was time to paint the utility room floor, those parts I could reach of course until the freezers are moved from the middle of the floor but first I had something else to do. After breakfast at three I donned my overalls and gave the front of the easel a coat of paint now that the reverse had dried.

Then it was on to the cabinet tops in the utility room where I fitted the back edge timbers to the wall on top of the cabinets.

When they were finished I set about giving the floor its first coat of paint so on went the mask and down onto my knees I went spending around an hour to cover the exposed floor areas.

I couldn’t wait to get outdoors for a while and take off the mask. After a minute or so I returned indoors, removed my overalls made a cup of coffee¬†and returned outdoors to drink it. That was the end of my working day, at least in the cellar. I takes hours for the fumes to dissipate even with doors and windows open. The floor will need another coat of paint before the freezers can be placed against the walls, then I can finish off the floor in the middle of the room. Two further tasks I need to undertake before the room is completed, installing the kick boards and making the inspection trap under the boxing-in structure near the window.

Shirley Anne