Hoping it has ended

I refer to the painting of the utility room floor and the obnoxious fumes it gives off for hours afterward.  It was Wednesday 14 th and soon after breakfast at three-thirty I was down in the cellar with my overalls and protective face mask on brush in hand and on my knees painting the floor. Whilst carrying out the work and wearing the mask of course, I cannot smell a thing. It is only a short time later and when upstairs can the smell be noticed and it is quite strong. If I open windows and doors it does dissipate but then the house gets too cold. If I keep the windows and doors shut it lessens the circulation and it takes ages for the smell to go. It’s sort of catch twenty-two situation so what I do is open the windows and doors for brief periods which seems to work. It is basically the chlorine in the paint which is the main source of the smell. So when I had completed the floor I was hoping for it to be the last time, at least in that room. I may consider painting the cellar hallway floor next year but if I do I know the fumes will be far easier to get rid of for I can open the door to the garden and a window at the top of the cellar steps and get through ventilation. I did the same when painting the gym floor. So the rest of the day I rested from work though there was still some to do, the room’s door, the inspection hatch and the kick boards. I would need to be down in the cellar to do any of them which was out of the question of course. It had taken me around four weeks to reach this stage but not really all that time in actual working hours. A little bit here and a little bit there soon eats away at any task.

Shirley Anne