I hate it

Perhaps it is my age (I will be 73 by the time you are reading this) but I doubt it. I guess I have always thought this way, for most of my life anyway. I might call it being anti-social and once many years ago I was very anti-social but no not in the real sense is it being anti-social when I say I dislike, even hate advertisements and the advertising media in general. My attitude in life is to make my own decisions when it comes to purchasing and not to be pestered by those pushing their wares into my face. If I want something, no matter what it may be, I will go and get it. I have no need for junk mail either paper or electronic, they get destroyed, deleted, thrown away, take your pick. I want timber, I go to the timber yard and ask. I want food, I go shopping for it and select the items I want. If there is anything I want I go and look for it, yes even when making online purchases. Then I select and buy. I watch television as many do and sometimes I allow the sound to remain on during the adverts, not because I want to listen to them but I sometimes just cannot be bothered to keep switching off the sound.  In doing so however I end up listening to the auto-suggestive crap in some of them. ‘These are a must have item’. No they’re not! ‘Everyone wants them’. No they emphatically do not! ‘Don’t miss the opportunity’. I’d rather save my money for something I really want. ‘Hurry while stocks last’. Yeah sure I’ll dash out straight away. ‘Save money by buying while the goods are on special offer’, is another advertiser’s favourite. No thank you I will save even more by not buying anything! Christmas, what a wonderful opportunity for advertisers to show us what we are missing if we don’t buy all the unnecessary stuff they throw our way, food, drink, clothing, furniture (?), you name it they want you to buy it. I wonder what Jesus thinks of all that self-indulgence at his birthday party, you know, the one you don’t invite him to? The thing is, do we really fall for everything the advertising media pushes our way? Sadly many do. Do we really need it all? Probably not but many don’t wish to admit it. For me, I hate it all.

Shirley Anne