Always hope

The day before yesterday (as the posts go), I wrote about the possibility that there may be no more painting of the utility room floor, at least I hoped there wouldn’t be. Alas by that evening I noticed that the centre of the floor really looked as if it had only the one coat of paint. Indeed it had because two of the freezers had been standing there whilst I painted around them. So on Thursday (15 th) after I had returned from doing the shopping I spent ten minutes giving the area a second coat of paint. After I had done that I cut the plywood timber with which to make the hatch above the worktop near the window. I had deliberately left that part of the project whilst the more important work was being carried out. It would be during the afternoon that any further work might be done, if I felt the urge! The kick boards wouldn’t present much of a problem but the room door needed some straightening and that could pose some difficulty. I would just have to wait and see when the time came. I suddenly felt a little strange too on Thursday knowing that the project was nearing completion and I’d have nothing much to do but that soon wore off when I thought about the garden tasks that lay ahead. I hope my readers have been enjoying my progress reports regarding this and other projects I have undertaken. All I can say is hey, if I can do these things there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to either. Yes I know I have been involved in this sort of work throughout my life but one has to start somewhere. I wasn’t born with DIY skills! Hopefully, if you are undertaking DIY projects you will find you have the skills too and be proud of what you have achieved. 

Shirley Anne