Lentils and scones

Many years ago when I still lived with my parents and siblings my youngest sister made some rice cakes. It had been her first attempt at baking. Looking back I can say she was a person who didn’t shy away from things and would give anything a try. However, she became unstuck once or twice having jumped into something and then realising it wasn’t for her. I remember the time she enrolled with the local St John’s medics but came home after the first training session. The reason? She didn’t like the look of all that blood even though it had not been the real stuff. As for the cakes, well naturally the rest of us were keen to try them but she had put uncooked rice into the cake mix which obviously had remained as hard as nails! I don’t think she realised that the rice itself when cooked and shaped forms the cake. She had simply put it into an ordinary cake mixture. If we are honest we would say that we all make mistakes in life but we learn from them if we are wise, just like my little sister did in the end. At least she tried and that is my own philosophy too, if you don’t try you will never know your capabilities. Now the colder weather is approaching (I write on 18 th Nov) I have been turning to the kind of food more suited to the season. That means lentil-based broths and the like, hot freshly-baked scones and puddings and what I call comfort foods. In cold times it is nice to have some warm and comforting food to eat.

To that end I have been baking again and cooking with lentils though there are many other lovely winter dishes I like to cook too.

Shirley Anne