Just got on with it

I spent a little more time in bed on Tuesday morning as I wasn’t going for a walk and neither had I any intentions of doing any work. The main reason for not working was that I didn’t wish to disturb E so early knowing I would have some timber to saw and holes to drill. Although her bedroom is two floors above the cellar workshop where I would be working I am still fearful I might awaken her if I work there. When I had to make a noise in the utility room on occasion it was rare that the noise would be loud enough to be a problem and at that time I could close the door. So it was around nine-fifteen that I was able to do the work I wanted to do which was to saw the timber and construct the five¬† side kick boards. After that I painted them but didn’t fit them until later when the paint had dried and only then did I fit two of them. The bracket on the rear (same for all five) is to allow it to slide over the rear legs of each of the cabinets whilst the front edge would be held by a plastic corner piece. (See second picture)

The front boards are held by the clips provided. Soon after I had fitted the two side boards to the unit shown above E and I went out for an hour or so for a coffee and to conduct some business. On our return home I installed the old utility room wall cabinet over the bench in the workshop and then set about working on the utility room door. I cut a small amount from the top edge to allow a little space below the woodwork I had installed above the entrance. I removed the two old and broken hinges and fitted three in their place before giving the door a priming coat of paint.

I would love to sort that workshop out but there is little time for that and too much junk in there at the moment.

Shirley Anne