And finally

The utility room project as of today (21 st Nov. my birthday as it happens) is all but finished. All that needs to be done is to give the internal face of the room’s door a top coat of white paint and the internal face of a small piece of timber above it a coat of red paint. As I had sawn off a centimetre or so from the top of the door to allow it to open beneath the woodwork I had fitted (explained in yesterday’s post), I had to fix a length of timber to effectively lower the top of the door frame on the outside.

I seem to have a knack when it comes to hanging doors, they all hang properly whenever I work on them. I shouldn’t complain should I? This door however still has a warp on it. The bottom right as you look at the picture doesn’t sit against the frame. Since hanging it the door sits better than it did but to remove the warp will take time. It is an historical thing and should have been corrected years ago. To straighten out the warp I will have to fit packing to the top right of the frame and keep the door locked in the closed position when the room isn’t in use. Over time this will straighten the right hand edge but it will probably take months. It is either this way or dismantle the door and start over and I am not prepared to do that. In yesterday’s post I mentioned I would like to sort out the workshop. After tidying much of it up this morning it looks a lot better though it is far from being the way I’d like it to be.

As you can see it is rather full! My next indoor project will be to give the cellar hallway a make-over. That work is much more basic that the previous cellar room projects so it shouldn’t take long to do when I decide to start it that is.

Shirley Anne