Over the years I have purchased a number of vehicles and some of them began to show wear sooner than I would have expected. Some models suffered from a lack of a good paint job, one in particular came out in spots within six months after my buying it new! Naturally I took it back to the garage from where I had purchased it and I was told that the spots (some of them were rusty) had been caused by stones spun off other driver’s  car wheels and chipping the paint. That sounded plausible except that they were all over the vehicle. I would have had to drive it in a race on a dirt track for it to be in such a state. I defeated the argument by showing the representative the inside of the boot (trunk) which was also covered in spots! I didn’t get my money back but I got a discount on an other new higher end vehicle. Even the paint on that car began to show problems three years later though it didn’t come out in spots! Vehicles didn’t seem to be built as solid as they once were back in the mid-sixties. Vehicles these days are more reliable and give better value for money I feel. Soon after I married we purchased a small spin drier as we didn’t have a washing machine. We usually washed clothes by hand during the first two years living in an apartment so the drier was very handy. It spins at 3000 rpm whereas washing machine motors usually spin at 1600 rpm so it removes more water from the clothes. If left to spin for longer the clothes come out almost bone dry. We kept that machine for years and in fact we still have it now after around 43 years and it still does the same job! The outside was beginning to show its age and the plastic button for depressing the rod which opens the lid broke some years ago but they are minor problems. 

On Thursday morning I did a spot of painting in the utility room, giving the inside face of the door its top coat of white paint and whilst the paint drum was open and the brush was in my hand I gave the old spinner a new lease of life, a paint job. It looks pretty cool to me. Hopefully we will get many more years out of it yet. 

Shirley Anne