New project

My intentions were to begin decorating and working in the cellar hallway but the little area beneath the stone steps needed attention first. However although I have made a start in there it has only been to rid it of junk and things which needed moving and storing elsewhere. It was Saturday, the last one of the month and I arose much later than I had been doing beforehand. Without realising it I had push myself too far and had worn myself out so I deliberately made sure I got the extra rest and stayed in bed until six o’clock. I had no choice as it happened because that was the time I awoke! Now completely recharged I was determined to make a start in the small storage room beneath the cellar steps. I removed several large panes of glass, several small ones and six mirrors of various sizes and stored them in the workshop. I removed a couple of dozen wine bottles some of which  had home-brewed wine still in them from 1982-6. The wine was discarded as neither of us drink alcohol. There were also several small bottles of tonic water and cleaning fluids of different types, four demijohns and other odd items. I removed the largest of the shelves directly beneath the steps as it was too large for the area it was in. I stripped off a piece of timber that someone had nailed above the window and swept the area making it ready for work to start. By then it was time for lunch and E and I watched a movie until late in the afternoon. I had decided not to begin work proper until Monday so I put my overalls in the washing machine and took the rest of the weekend off. I took these pictures of the room.   

My first job on Monday was going to be boxing in pipework again!

Shirley Anne