I had a longer break from my early morning walks over the weekend, my last one being Friday. It was now Monday morning and I was up out of bed and downstairs just after two-thirty to go for a walk. As I was putting on my walking boots I noticed one of the garden flood lights had switched on. That could only mean there was an intruder in the garden. However, the intruder wasn’t a human being for access to the garden would be difficult for a person because of the high walls. I looked out and there was a fox sniffing around on the lawn near to the patio. This past year we have experienced seeing small holes dug in the lawn and large droppings on it occasionally, droppings which couldn’t be attributed to a cat. Now for the first time I saw the culprit on the lawn though I had previously seen a fox walking on top of the perimeter wall. I opened the window and the fox dashed away scaling the wall in the process. It is surprising how high they can climb!

Soon I was off outside and on my walk. One of the advantages of taking a walk early in the morning (or late at night) is the peace and quiet, as long as you stay away from the town centre and midnight revellers! You also get the chance to see some of the wildlife which prefer the dark hours. I passed by the lake this particular morning which is always occupied by waterfowl of different kinds and then on toward the seafront. Just before I reached the front a fox trotted across the road ahead of me but hadn’t seen me. By the time I reached the same spot it was well gone. I didn’t see any other creature during my return home except for five geese low above my head as they flew past.

Shirley Anne