Still Monday

After my walk and then breakfast yesterday (I write on 26 th Nov) I began working in the small store in the cellar doing what I have always enjoyed which is working with wood. So alright the work I was doing wasn’t glamorous and quality carpentry but simply constructing the framework in readiness to box some of the pipes in the room. The problem in the room is that the ceiling is part-covered in plasterboard and the framework had to be constructed to allow the new pieces of plasterboard I would be installing to fit evenly with the existing board. I spent a few hours down there that morning and managed to construct almost all of it. 

In the lower picture you can see one of the two gate valves (red handle) which isolate the towel radiator in the wet room above. There are valves in the wet room too. When I come to cover everything with plywood I will make the panels easy to remove should there be the need to close the valves. The sloping piece of wood on the frame above the window in the top picture is only there to strengthen the structure. The plywood panel which will be beneath it and only over the window and to the right will be at the same angle.  Not all of the pipework will be boxed-in, only those parts you see in the pictures. I stopped work for the day just before one o’clock.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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