New year post

Well the post has nothing to with the new year (neither do I…LOL). It was written on 27 th November! I had been working on the small store room project in the cellar spending around four hours down there. I had been trying to patch up the ceiling with new plasterboard where I could with the small amount of board I had in stock. I didn’t have enough plasterboard to complete the ceiling so some would have to be purchased before that could happen. I also fitted some more small lengths of timber in preparation for fixing the plywood covering. This is how far I got (last three pictures) and though it doesn’t look much it was fiddly enough to take up the time.

Picture three shows the frame I made beneath the wet room drain above it. It will have a removable cover fixed to it. In the same picture the grey coloured pipe, part of the central heating system, will be boxed-in. Pictures three, four and five show the small areas of plasterboard I was able to fit. The first two pictures show areas I wasn’t able to cover because I had no more plasterboard. By the time you are reading this that work should be complete and hopefully much more. At lunch time I called the supplier from whom I had purchased the pebbles for the garden lawn feature as we had been waiting many weeks for them to deliver. I was informed that they would deliver them the next day. That begs the question how long did they have them in stock and when would they have informed us had we not contacted them? Hopefully then by the time you read this that project should be completed also.

Shirley Anne