Something different

This post is more about E’s activities than mine though I had been the most active on the day as well as the evening before. It was Sunday 9 th Dec. and E was about to embark on going to her first craft fair where she would be selling her hand-made greetings cards and a few other items. The event was held at the district hospital in the gymnasium of the spinal injuries building in aid of that department to raise funds for special equipment. It was the hospital’s first craft fair too. The event had been well advertised but alas on the day it hadn’t been very well attended. That meant fewer possibilities to sell goods for everyone. The hospital was able to raise some funds by levying a £10 fee for each table and there were forty tables for people selling their wares. It was such a shame that more folk didn’t come. The hospital’s own radio DJ was providing background seasonal music and a local girl sang many songs too. My input was to support E to load and unload the van and to provide the transport. Of course that meant I had to help with setting up the table as well! It had been a new experience for me being on the other side of the counter as it were. We met some lovely people there and that in itself is always a good thing. So although we didn’t sell much we both enjoyed it and learned what to do and what not to do for the next time. E had already been making enquiries regarding the hospital’s next fund-raising fair though I knew she had also been thinking of attending other craft fairs. It could be that I would be assisting her at some of them or even all of them if it was necessary.

Shirley Anne