It had to go

A few days ago I mentioned that the tunnel I erected on the patio had to be dismantled because it couldn’t withstand the high winds and as you may already know I duly dismantled it and packed it away in the garage. Maybe it will get used elsewhere in someone else’s property. It meant I had to erect some other form of frost protection for the two palms instead. On the Monday morning of the 10 th (Dec) I spent a little time out on the patio doing just that. I had installed some bamboo canes a few days earlier but the recent storm prevented me from wrapping the protection sheets around them. Up until the storm arrived it had been exceptionally warm for the month and as a consequence I put off finishing the frost protection. Now there was a lull in the bad weather and the temperature was beginning to drop I decided the time was right and finished the work…. 

I had to wrap some strong tape banding around the branches to hold them close beneath the bamboo frame before I could wrap around with the bubble-wrap. The core of the plants had previously been wrapped with strong foam rubber sheeting so the bubble-wrap was simply an extra protection which shielded the branches too. If the frost isn’t the enemy the wind sure is and during cold windy weather the leaves get burnt. When I returned indoors E had just finished her breakfast. I had eaten earlier after my morning walk and had been watching some catch-up tv before going into the garden. I had more work to do in the cellar small store room but wasn’t in the mood so that work was shelved for the day. E tells me it is good to take a break now and then and I don’t bother arguing!

Shirley Anne