Only the one day

At the end of yesterday’s post I mentioned how much I didn’t feel like doing any more work after sorting out the frost protection in the garden. That work only took a mere thirty minutes I think but it had been enough for me, I just didn’t want to spend the next few hours working in the cellar, I was on strike so to speak and E told me to take a break and rest. That was an order I had to obey but only for the day for on Tuesday the story was completely different. I didn’t arise early as there was no point, I wasn’t going for a walk and I had the day at my disposal if I wished to do any work on my project. After breakfast therefore I began by filling numerous holes in the walls of the small store room. Now that it had received its first coat of white paint the holes were much easier to see. I soon had that done and then I set about doing the same on the floor as I had done in the other rooms in the cellar prior to painting them. Of course that meant mixing a little cement. It didn’t take long because the cement is simply brushed onto the previously dampened floor. After an hour or so I swept up the excess and later again did the same thing…


E had come downstairs to eat breakfast and then we were going out to purchase more emulsion paint for the cellar rooms and to spend a little time in Dobbies. She had some business at the bank in town so that was done too. Her mom had been taken poorly earlier in the morning and E arranged for her doctor to visit. Her mom has ongoing health problems so it was just a routine matter. Nevertheless she was taken to hospital for examination. She was returned home later in the afternoon and by all accounts was back to normal. E had an appointment of her own during the afternoon, another routine visit for her too. Whilst she was out I set about work on the next project in the cellar, the hallway. I hadn’t been able to continue in the small store room because the work I had done earlier was still wet. Well what did I do in the hallway? There was a section of pipework which needed boxing in, the only section in the hallway which needed doing so I began that work by fixing some battens to the wall and ceiling. It would be continued with once I had finished the other room.

The wall itself backs on to the utility room and many of the service’s pipework and wiring pass through into that room from the hallway as you can probably see. There would be just enough materials in my stock to finish the job. The rest of the work in the hallway would involve filling large holes in the walls and ceiling, painting the walls and ceiling and finally lifting the old carpet and getting the floor in order as with the other rooms I have been working in.

Shirley Anne