Nothing to do?

Yeah, sure I didn’t. It was more a question of what shall I do next? I was up very early on Wednesday (12/12 in case you’ve lost track) morning, soon after one o’clock to be precise! I had gone to bed a little tired at seven but was awake three hours later after which I found returning to the land of Nod impossible. You know the story, playing mind games with myself. Once something enters my mind which keeps me thinking about it then I lie there tossing and turning until I finally have to get up! I went for an earlier walk than usual and returned home with heavy eyelids. After breakfast I felt fit as a fiddle and proceeded to give the ceiling and walls in the cellar small store room their final coat of paint and the door its first. Parts of the floor had still not dried after the previous day’s work cementing in the gaps. The room has no heating source and there is very little heat coming from the hallway so it would take a long time to dry. That meant the painting of the floor wouldn’t take place for quite a number of days. The room refurbishment would be almost finished after the floor was painted. If I was to carry on working it would have to be in the hallway. I had already begun that work the day before and thought it might be a while before I could continue with it. Would I grasp the opportunity? Well you know me……..

Shirley Anne