The hallway

On Friday one week before the Winter Solstice it was bitterly cold as I set out on my early morning walk. It was just as well I was dressed for it and at least it was dry. Clear skies had been forecast for part of the night and as it happened it was mostly clear while I was out. As I walked along the seafront I saw in my peripheral vision two meteors though not at the same time. At the time I reasoned they were part of the Gemini shower for they appeared to have emanated from that constellation. I discovered later on checking the shower calendar that I had been correct. There was a comet visible with the naked eye in or near to the constellation of Taurus but I hadn’t been aware of that having not been actively doing my star-gazing bit for some time. I have been interested in astronomy from an early age. This comet would be visible for a number of days throughout December. When I returned home I watched some tv and didn’t start work until after eight-thirty. I concentrated on completing the boxing-in I had been engaged with over the last couple of days. 


I gave the wood its first coat of paint after lunch. The next job will be to fill in all the gaps now easy to see having painted it. I also painted the ceiling around the new light position so that I could clip the light into place and not have to paint close to it later.

Shirley Anne