Another day

I may have been feeling a little under the weather yesterday (20 th Dec) but today is another day and once again I’ve bounced back! Up very early I went out for my morning walk arriving back home by four-thirty and ate breakfast. Soon after that I was wearing my overalls and doing some work in the cellar. I have been concentrating my efforts in the cellar hallway trying to tidy up the mess of cables and holes above two of the doors downs there. I began by making a wooden cover to hide the cables and water pipe. If you could see the water pipe you would understand how difficult it was to cover it but now that it is you’ll have to take my word for it. In yesterday’s post I wrote about my computer tablet becoming faulty. It meant I couldn’t take a picture and although I could have use my phone I forgot! Anyway suffice to say there will be pictures later no doubt. Once that was done it was time to mix some plaster and begin filling in holes, lots of them but I had to stop after a while as I wanted to go and purchase a bag of granite dust or ‘granno’ as it is called in the building trade. I would need it when it came to filling in the gaps and holes in the floor. I had used the last of it when doing the small store room floor. I use a ratio of three parts of sand, two parts of granno and one part of cement for the mixture adding water as usual. The floor is then dampened and the wet mixture is brushed in. After a while the floor is swept to clear away the excess and again later to sweep up the dust. When it is dry I paint it. It all takes time but I am glad I made the effort to tidy up the cellar rooms, the ones that could be done at least.

Shirley Anne


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