Monday 17 th

Getting near to the Winter Solstice after which the days begin to get lighter for longer once again. Yes I know it is now January 21 st as you read this but I am 35 days ahead in my posts at the moment which makes it a week before Christmas as I write. I could stop writing for a month of course to allow you to catch up! Anyway my day began early for I was going walking and after breakfast on my return I started working in the cellar hallway. The door frames to the gym and the store rooms which are adjacent to one another needed some attention. The top section of architrave on both was missing and again there were cables clipped above the doors. There were several large holes in both the walls and the ceiling above the doors too. As it happened I had the two pieces of architrave stored beneath the workshop bench but how they got there is a mystery though I fancy they were off the doorway I had bricked-up a couple of years ago. That doorway led indirectly into the garden from the utility room. My first task was to fit the architraves and then attempt to patch up the plaster work. I decided to cover the cables with timber then plaster elsewhere. As I write this that work is only half done. I had to go and purchase more plaster and on my return did some plastering. That took me to lunchtime and I decided I would take the rest of the day off but after lunch I changed my mind and ended up in the cellar again. This time it was to clear the hallway of all that had been stored there and also dump some other things which had been stored in the main store room. Not only did I do that work but I lifted the carpet and underlay in the hallway too. This time E offered a helping hand and she cleaned the floor whilst I loaded the van with the now cut and rolled carpet and underlay. There was even a large area of floor covered in vinyl beneath the carpet! That was removed too. The following morning I would take it all to the dump.


That was enough for one day…

Shirley Anne


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