The days grow long

I write this on Dec 23 just after the calendar date of the beginning of Winter. We are around about the nearest position to our Sun at this time of year though I doubt the couple of million extra miles make little difference. I have to say though that the weather is currently mild but it has been raining throughout the night and is still damp late in the morning. Dry weather is forecast for the afternoon and into the middle of the week too. A dry Christmas. Why people wish for one covered in snow is beyond me. Is it supposed to be better or does it just give that sense of well, you decide. The days are lengthening but you’d hardly notice that just yet. The worse is yet to come, the colder months of February and March and it won’t be that warm in January either. You will have found that out already being as it is near the end of the month. I am looking forward to Spring as Winter isn’t a favourite time of year for me. I am looking forward to see the newest plants in the garden beginning to gain height and volume but it takes time and it is still Winter. Although Christmas is only two days away I am looking forward to its passing and also the passing of New Year so things can return to normal. Not that I partake in the celebrations for as you know already I don’t. Christmas wishes and New Year resolutions are for me meaningless, I make those throughout the year anyway. I wish for a peaceful world where everyone loves their neighbour and where crime is a thing long forgotten but sadly it won’t as long as mankind remains stubborn-hearted leaving God out of the equation. I make resolutions to do things and hopefully do them but everything is up to myself. I try not to make promises which I cannot keep, even to myself! Soon it will be warm and sunny and life will take on a different perspective but I will enjoy it whatever happens. Will you?

Shirley Anne