I did try

When I began refurbishing the cellar hallway I was kind of hoping I would have finished it by the end of the year but unfortunately I couldn’t. Well I suppose I might have done had I worked eight hours a day for a few weeks but come on I am 73 and deserve a break! It is December 31 st as I write this and I have completed another three hours on the project. I went out for a walk just after two o’clock (in the morning) and after breakfast did some more painting, mainly the doors but other things too. Even after two coats of paint there is still a tinge of the original blue colour showing through on a couple of doors so they will need touching up later. The extra pieces of timber I had to fix to the doors have as I write only the first coat of paint applied so again they will need touching up later also. I am satisfied with the walls and ceiling so they can be considered finished. I did as much as I could in the hallway itself then moved up the stone steps and began painting the area above them until I decided to stop work for the year! Sounds daft but I would carry on with the work the following year which was the next day! So taking note of what still requires doing, touching up the paint on the doors and giving one of the doors another complete coat of paint, painting the door frames and architraves in red emulsion as elsewhere in the cellar, complete the painting of the stairwell, cementing the gaps and holes in the floor followed later by painting the floor twice over. Still quite a bit to do and it will take weeks rather than days as I don’t intend rushing it or doing too much at a time. My next project will simply be garden maintenance and digging out the fruit tree stumps on the Mound.

The protective glass screen and wallet for my new computer tablet arrived today having been told earlier it would arrive on Wednesday so I’m happy about that. It had been my mistake not ordering them when I purchased the tablet a week or so before Christmas. Even that arrived before Christmas having been told it would arrive at the end of December.

Shirley Anne