All I seem to be doing lately is painting. It is now January 3 rd. For so long it was vinyl silk emulsion and over the last couple of days it has been gloss paint. Whenever I do a project I really enjoy the construction part whatever it may be but when it comes to filling in holes and painting it bores me soft! With the construction there is always something new to tackle or a problem to solve but with the decorating part of the job it is the same thing day after day until the job is finished. Maybe that’s why I am not a fan of the decorating stage. Most of the current project has involved just the decoration aspect. Initially it was the filling in of the countless holes and gaps everywhere before any painting could take place. The painting stage was and is never done in one go, there are usually a couple of coats of paint to apply, sometimes even three and the work never seems to be getting anywhere. Over the past couple of days I have been painting the door frames in a red gloss paint. Originally they had been painted with emulsion being as they are only in the cellar but as I had some red gloss paint left over from painting the worktops in the new utility room I used that. I had to purchase another can though as there wasn’t enough. Today as I write on the 3 rd I have completed the painting of the frames except that they may require touching up here and there later. One frame was shown in yesterday’s post, here are the other four..

The white emulsion on the pipes close-by will need retouching as keeping the red paint off them was unavoidable. They are over the gym and workshop doors. One door frame yet remains to be painted, the one to the small store room. It can be seen in yesterday’s post. Once the painting is finished I will be able to cement the floor in readiness for that to be painted too.

Shirley Anne