Still painting

I didn’t get much work done on Friday (4 th) after going for a walk earlier that morning. After breakfast and two hours of watching catch-up tv it was time to start but I waited yet a further three hours before doing anything and sat with E for a while. My first job was to paint the extra support panel I had made for E’s top-of-the-house workshop worktop, wow what a mouthful! I had moved it into the cellar hallway for it had been too cold in the cellar workshop for the paint to dry properly.

It would be better to fit beneath the worktop as constructed and already painted rather than do it in-situ. Following that exercise I painted around the small store room door and also the two handrails on the stairway.

The store room is on the right of the stone steps in the picture. I retouched the red gloss paint elsewhere in the cellar whilst I had the brush in hand. That was all the work I did that day but I would be back later to retouch the white paint in a few places before I could say the painting was completed, except for painting the floor that is! I had hoped to have cemented the floor by the end of the week but as I write this I am not sure I’ll get around to doing it until next week. No matter how many times I go checking for places that need paintwork retouching there always seems to be more!

Shirley Anne