…..to get out in the garden and do some work out there but there is still some work left to be done on the cellar hallway project. It is January 7 th as I write and the weather outside has turned cold, wet and windy after many days of warmer, dry and calm conditions. I shouldn’t complain about that so I won’t! According to the forecast it will turn dry again tomorrow for a further few days. Maybe. When I went for my early morning walk it was dry with a little wind and a warmish 8 deg C. It is still 8 deg C but doesn’t feel it. I have remained indoors except for a visit or two to the garage to mix a fine concrete for filling in the gaps, dips and holes in the cellar hallway floor. Yes that is what I was doing between five and seven this morning with three other visits down there to sweep the floor.

In the lower two pictures you can see where I have patched the second step up and filled-in the gap that was behind the wooden pillar between it and the step. The pale-coloured wood is the temporary shuttering to contain the concrete whilst it sets. I removed them just after taking the pictures. When the floor has dried completely I will be able to paint it but I might have to wait a couple of days until then. The floor will take two coats of paint. Following that or even before I paint the floor the steps will be painted. There is also some more retouching of the paint in various places around the room yet to be done.

Shirley Anne