A bit for tomorrow

My first job of the day after breakfast on Tuesday (8 th) was to install the wooden support I had constructed days earlier beneath the worktop in E’s workshop at the top of the house. I had been waiting for the paint to dry. The support panel, a mallet, a screwdriver and four screws were taken up there to do the job. In engineering terminology the support panel was an ‘interference’ fit meaning it needed the mallet to persuade it to fit between the worktop and the floor! The screws were only required in case it might somehow move in the future! That wasn’t likely but nevertheless they were fitted. That done and it was time to get things ready down in the cellar for the next job, painting the floor in the hallway. For that job my safety mask was needed. Overalls and mask on with gloves on my hands I began first of all to retouch the floor paint in the small store room then it was outside the room and into the hallway.

Working from the top in the picture above I ended up in the main area at the base of the steps…

I was not able to paint the area to the left of the gym door (top middle in lower picture) for it had not yet completely dried out. I did paint the lowest two steps but obviously stopped there so that I could get back upstairs! I left the area you see unpainted on the right for by this time I’d had enough. I left it for the next day. As it happened the paint can was almost empty anyway though there was still enough to cover another square metre or so. There was another new 5 litre can of the paint in the workshop which hopefully would be enough to finish the work.

Shirley Anne