I could have

It was a rather cold morning as I stepped out for my morning walk but at least it was dry and there was very little wind. I was wrapped up in any case so it didn’t matter about the cold. As I walked along the road, a mere half-mile from leaving the house I came across two girls staggering on the opposite pavement (sidewalk). As I was walking faster than they I soon caught up with them and could smell the alcohol well before I reached them. ‘Good morning girls’ I piped up, ‘Have you had a good evening’ I continued. Both replied ‘Good morning’ and one tried to explain further what they had been up to but couldn’t find the words to say.’Take care now’ I said as I continued on my way. ‘Bye luv’ I heard them reply as they turned down the next street. It was ten after three and I wondered where they had been until that hour. It must have been at someone’s house for there are no bars open late in the village. The rest of the walk was uneventful as they usually are. I was going to finish the painting of the cellar hallway floor after breakfast though I wasn’t looking forward to it. I don’t know why I thought that way for it wasn’t so bad, not really. After painting the remainder of the floor which I had left from the day before I painted four more of the stone steps.

Naturally I left the middle of the set unpainted so that I could get back upstairs. I could have painted all of the steps later that morning but thought the better of it and left them for another day. In any event the whole floor and steps would need another coat. It is surprising how quickly the floor paint dries. It is touch dry in an hour and can be walked upon after two hours. It is the vapour (chlorine) given off which is the problem unless there is plenty of ventilation. After the second coat of paint all the leading edges of the steps will be picked out in white paint.

Shirley Anne