Three half steps

I had a great night’s sleep on Wednesday, a sort of catch up for all the poor nights of sleep I went through during the previous week. I even slept in until six o’clock. Ah but there was a reason for that, I wasn’t going for a walk but I was going for the weekly shopping and don’t do that at three in the morning! The house still smelled of the chlorinated paint I had been using the day before despite giving it plenty of ventilation. It didn’t really matter for I planned to do some more painting as soon as I returned from the supermarket. There are different ways of painting a set of stairway steps. Start at the top and work your way down to the bottom is one method but to do that in the cellar of our house means that I would have to gain re-entry to the house via another route. Paint only half of each step to allow climbing back upstairs afterward or paint alternate steps for the same reason. I had painted two steps then missed one then repeated the pattern the previous day but I wanted to finish the steps this time around. Beginning at the top I began painting those steps I hadn’t done the day before but I still had to leave three of them only half painted so that I could still get out of the cellar using the stairwell. It would be no hardship to finish the steps later. Once I reached the bottom it was time to give the whole hallway floor its second and final coat of paint. Once done I returned up the steps making sure of course that I kept to the ones painted the previous day. Near the top however each step had only just been painted which is why I left three of them only half-painted.

It wouldn’t take long to paint them later. When the cellar was less well lit years ago the top two steps were difficult to see and their leading edges were given a coat of white paint as you can see from the one not painted. Since we built the wet room (to the right and behind the wall not shown in the picture) the steps have been lit through the internal window we put at the top of the wall. There is an external window allowing natural light into the room which now in turn illuminates the steps and of course if the room’s lights are on the steps are well illuminated. Now that the cellar has been refurbished and a new and brighter LED unit has been installed there is no longer the need to paint the leading edges in white. As I write this on Thursday afternoon (10 th) there is only those steps to paint and perhaps a retouch here and there on the main floor. Usually the mortar between the stone tiles is where a touch up is required in places. The project has all but come to an end with only the retouching of the white paint remaining to be done. Now I can look forward to getting outdoors into the gardens for a change.

Shirley Anne