Just relax

As a child I used to be excited at the prospect of a holiday or vacation just as any other child would be.

As I grew into my teens and became a rebel to society, again as many teens seem to do, my attitude to vacations changed. Now I know most teenagers like vacations, though not necessarily with their parents but in my case I began to lose interest. In fact I had lost all interest in many things by my mid-teens and in many ways became anti-social. I had switched myself off from those things going on all around me, I just wasn’t interested. It wasn’t until I reached my mid-twenties that things changed and I became more conformist. My first vacation for many years was when I got married and it was also the first vacation I had taken abroad. We went to Majorca and for many years following spent many a good time holidaying abroad in one country or another.

Now I have come full circle and once again vacationing holds no interest for me. The last holiday E and I took, apart from having a long weekend in Vienna a few years back had been in fact two two-week breaks firstly in New York and then Montreal a few weeks later back in 2009. I am not saying a vacation is totally out of the question for if E wanted to go somewhere I would gladly join her. By the time you get to my age the novelty has worn off somewhat and because life for me is now one long holiday there seems little point in travelling anywhere for a break. When people ask why I am not interested in holidays and suggest I take some I let them know that I don’t think as they do. Some people seem offended as if my decisions in life had anything to do with them! At this very moment (Jan 14 th) I think a break to some hot sunny beach would be nice but what would be the point when I’d only have to come back to reality? Besides I am enjoying life just where I am.

Shirley Anne