Taken by surprise

Or putting it another way…caught on the hop! How many times have we put things off to do another day perhaps because it would be more convenient? Probably we are thinking at the time that we cannot be bothered. How many times having put something off have we suddenly come face to face with it again but this time it is more urgent? A dripping tap (faucet) which finally won’t stem the flow of water when you least want the hassle, a loose roof tile which comes thundering down later missing you by inches. Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today is a well-known saying but how many stick to the principle? Obviously there are some things even many things which should be left for another day simply because we don’t have the time. A few weeks ago E pointed out to me that one of her car tyres was lacking air due to a very slow leakage probably from the valve but maybe the rim. I dug out the old foot-operated pump from my van which sadly has needed replacing for years but I never got around to it. Actually it was probably more due to the fact that I had forgotten. It took me ages to pump up the tyres’ pressure. E had been going out and consequently was delayed whilst I pumped air. At the time I said I would replace the pump as soon as I could. I should have done it that same afternoon but left it for another day. I think I was immersed in one of my projects and hadn’t wished to leave it to go shopping. Consequently it was forgotten about. Now I don’t do much driving these days and hadn’t thought there was any hurry to replace the pump but E does drive more often and was more likely to need the pump than I. Funny as it may seem she did have a pump but it was faulty and she had thought about buying a new one. She didn’t get around to doing it either! So on Saturday she was off to her monthly meeting with her group but discovered her tyre, yes the same one she forgot to have repaired, was again short on air. I collected the old pump from the van again realising I should have replaced it and thinking it might not be up to the job. Fortunately I managed to get some air into the tyre and she was able to drive to her meeting. Ten minutes later I was driving to the local specialist vehicle accessory store to purchase a new pump. This time I wanted an electrically-driven one for ease of use, two if they had more in stock. As it happened they only had the one so I would have to return later or buy another elsewhere. It cost a mere £14 and can be plugged into the vehicle’s cigar lighter socket. Next time I won’t be caught on the hop…..

As you can see it was still unopened and would remain so until I gave it to E when she returned home. When she returned I asked her to keep reminding me to get another!

Shirley Anne