For so many years of being a woman I never really, well often, well hardly at all if I am truthful, treated myself to something special. Yes, over the years I have indulged myself once in a while by buying new clothes suitable for whichever season it was at the time. Whenever I walked through the high street I would often look in the windows of shops selling shoes and if I saw something I liked I would buy them. It wasn’t that I needed the shoes in particular but I had and still have a fetish for shoes, especially ones with heels. Obviously high-heels are not worn by me every day as with some women, in fact I hardly wear them at all these days. If I’m going somewhere special or for a meal I will wear heels though nothing too high, yet I do posses a few very high-heeled shoes. My daily shoes, those I wear most of the time are flat, that is they have only a very small heel. I do love wearing high-heels though because they make me feel good.


I have a couple of ‘fetishes’ other than shoes one is wearing corsetry. I did buy a corset many years ago but I grew out of it, literally! Okay I have put on weight since then and that’s why it no longer fits me. Maybe had I kept wearing it I wouldn’t have piled on the extra pounds but it isn’t just a case of extra pounds, I grew with age as most of us do. Wearing a corset all day long is never a good idea if you are doing manual work and more so if the weather is hot! I have always loved wearing corsets because I like the feeling they give when I wear them. Not all women like wearing corsets and high-heeled shoes and some don’t even like wearing make-up but I love them all. Well anyway on Monday (21 st) I decided I wanted to treat myself to a new corset and subsequently ordered one. When will I wear it? When the fancy takes me.

Shirley Anne