Snowy Day

It was Tuesday 22 Jan and during the late morning the weather was very wintry with the sleet and snow falling. It was for the second time this year so far but as on the previous occasion a few days earlier it didn’t last. No doubt it would snow again as February approached. February is for the UK usually the coldest, wettest and least sunny of all the months. The Sun is still low over the horizon so when it gets wet it pretty much stays that way for a while. If it snows and it is otherwise dry then the snow gets a chance to stick and build up. Fortunately that doesn’t happen much these days and hasn’t really done so at least here in the north-west along the coast though not along the whole coast hereabouts. The Liverpool Bay area is somewhat sheltered from the severest of weather but it doesn’t get away Scott-free. As I write I am hoping we don’t get weather which is too severe. E is presently in the cellar retouching the paint on one or two of the doors down there, mostly in the gaps of the planks that the doors are constructed with. They were made using tongue and grooved timbers and sometimes it is difficult to get the paint in between the timbers where there are gaps. She is very particular when it comes to detail. I am too but I had just about enough of working in the cellar once I had finished the painting. I couldn’t at present do any work anyway for I am still suffering with a little muscular pain and want to keep on relaxing until it improves. This is also the reason I haven’t been out for walks over the past week.

Shirley Anne