Now ice

Icy weather

Yesterday it snowed for a short time. Today it is very cold and icy. Overnight the temperature dropped to two below zero, pretty mild for some places in the world but for us, cold. It is now January 23 and I expect it will get worse before it gets better but hoping it doesn’t get worse. The forecast for the next week is a rise in temperature but will it remain milder? Weather forecasting has improved vastly over the years due mainly to the machinery of interpretation, mostly computers. Even so much gathering of information is needed before successful weather prediction algorithms can do their work. They don’t always get it right though. The only place I went outside today was the garden and only then to dispose of accumulated garbage. It is collection day tomorrow but I find that it isn’t worth wheeling the bin into the street as there isn’t much in it! Having disposed of the garbage I placed some food waste material, mainly the peels of a melon, grapefruit, orange and kiwi, into the compost bin where everything gets returned to basics for spreading over the garden as plant food. We might think it is garbage but the plants don’t! For them it is food, minerals and sugars and they thrive on it. Come to thing of it we do exactly the same, put minerals and sugars into our body so that we too can thrive. I sometimes feel sorry for the plants stuck out there in the garden in all weathers and today especially in the icy cold conditions. They have their defences and can put up with it, well most of them. The ones that can’t have been wrapped up for the winter, at least until it stops freezing over. Today, apart from a few minutes outside, I have remained indoors relaxing. My back pain is persisting and is taking a long time to heal though there is an improvement. Tomorrow morning I do the shopping but thankfully it should be a little warmer by then according to the forecast though they can get it wrong!

Shirley Anne