Now sunshine…..

……..oh how varied the weather we get here in the UK. For some today it is cold, icy and there is snow lying on the ground but here where I live it is sunny with just a little ground frost or the remnants of ice where the sun doesn’t shine. We are very fortunate I admit so I never complain. I was up early to do the weekly shopping being as it is Thursday, the day I do it. No walks again because of the muscular pain but it isn’t a problem, the pain is slowly easing and I am more and more convinced it is due to trapped nerves in my neck. To that end I exercise my neck muscles. It was still cold when I left the house around seven-thirty but during the day it has been getting warmer and now the sun us shining.

I have been wanting to sweep up the leaves that have again accumulated in the rear garden but when I looked out of the window later in the morning I noticed the blackbirds flicking up the leaves searching for insects to eat. I am therefore going to leave the leaves lying there for a while.

I seem to be getting too used to doing very little and I’ll have to do something about that before I turn to seed!

Shirley Anne