Five days ago

It was five days ago I wrote about women’s wear disclosing that I had treated myself to a new corset simply because I love wearing them. Yesterday it arrived and guess what? I am wearing it today. Yesterday I wore it for four hours and removed it at bedtime. Today so far I have been wearing it for ten hours! I had a trip to go on this morning and had no problems. Gradually I hope to be able to wear it all day without doing myself a mischief. In Victorian and Edwardian times women who wore corsets often would wear them seven days a week without removing them but at the weekend would take them off just for the purposes of going to the toilet! They were immediately put on again. In those days the corsets were worn so tightly women who wore them found it difficult to breathe and would often faint for lack of oxygen. Breathing was done in short gasps, taking a deep breath was impossible. That is what you call severe restraint! They were worn so tightly that special machines were needed to pull the cords. The main danger with wearing extremely tight corsetry is not so much the difficulty with breathing. The real danger is in having the internal organs compressed with nowhere to go. That can lead to life threatening problems. If wearing corsets for the first time their tightness should only be increased very slowly over a long period of time until it is safe to wear them fully tightened. If in doubt one should seek advice from their doctor explaining intentions.

The corset shown is the one I purchased and as you can see the model is not wearing it fully tightened.

Naturally she probably doesn’t even need one to shape her figure! Wearing corsets can obviously become a fetish for many rather than for just shaping the torso. I wonder which category I fit into (excuse the pun)? Well I’ll tell you again………the former!

Shirley Anne