Back to the corset

So it was now Sunday Jan 27 and it marked the anniversary of E and I’s meeting for the first time. Much water has passed under the bridge since then and although we are divorced we still live together. It has something to do with love I suspect, well I know. The day started out very windy and has remained so as I write late in the afternoon. In fact it has been blowing throughout the night. Fifty miles per hour winds tend to keep people indoors yet people do travel anyway. It certainly lowers the amount of people out walking. I am one of them. I haven’t been out for a walk for quite some time because of the muscular problems which are constantly causing me pain. I could understand if I knew what brought it on but I am convinced it wasn’t through work and believe more so that it is a trapped nerve. I say this because the pain comes and goes erratically. Take yesterday for instance, it was almost pain free and when I retired to bed last night all was fine. This morning however the pain struck as I lifted myself out of bed. It appears to be happening regularly that I get the pain first thing in the morning as I rise. Once walking about it often disappears but not always. However if the corset is put on the pain all but goes away. One of the reasons I bought the corset was to help support my back and those muscles which perhaps need it. I am hoping it is not a lasting problem for that would prevent me doing the things I like and the things I need to get done too. If and when the problem has left me I will continue wearing the corset anyway because I want to though not all the time, just when I feel like doing so. I do wish this damn wind would stop!

Shirley Anne